Harbor Patrol stress importance of life vests following 17 rescues

"They were on the verge of total exhaustion."

Harbor Patrol stress importance of...

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - A sudden and powerful storm ripped through Santa Barbara Sunday afternoon. 

Many people were at the beach and in the water during the microburst.

Santa Barbara Harbor Patrol had 4 officers on duty on Sunday.

“We could tell when were pulling them out of the water, a lot of them were really on the verge of total exhaustion, swallowing water and coughing," said Officer Ryan Kelly.

Officers and crew members rescued 17 people. 

There was a power outage which affected calls going into their office, but officers were able to use their radios and listen for cries for help. 

Officer Kelly told Reporter Vicky Nguyen that many of people who were rescued were wearing their life vests. 

"It’s hard to imagine what the outcome would’ve been if these people hadn’t been wearing their life jackets," said Kelly.

No one that was rescued suffered anymore more than scrapes and bruising. 

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