The Hands 4 Others organization is trying to bring clean water to poor communities around the world -- one 5K at a time.

The group held a run at UC Santa Barbara Saturday morning in hopes to inform college students about clean water awareness.

H4O wants to start a college-based chapter at UCSB.

The organization has helped 400,000 people in 11 countries around the world.

"We've gone back into communities and their diseases have gone away, compared to other villages nearby. So it has this really strong medical impact as well," said Casey O'Toole, the program director.

"I've had the experience to be able to go to many third-world countries and see people who are walking hours to get water that looks more like coffee," said Spencer Dusebout, a co-founder.

H4O hopes to start new clubs to add to the chapters in Denver, San Francisco, Scotland and England.