Grover Beach gives two more medical pot shops the green light

Grover Beach gives two more medical pot shops the green light

GROVER BEACH, Calif. - Two more medical marijuana businesses were given final approval to open up shop in Grover Beach. 


It’s been a long road to get to this point but city leaders say their approach is responsible and thoughtful.  You may remember, this all began well over a year ago with a competitive process, including input from law enforcement and the community. 


Two weed shops were given the go ahead in September 2017 and after a lengthy discussion over logistics Monday evening, a couple more will join their ranks. 


And then there were four.  The Grover Beach City Council finalized the last two commercial medical cannabis permits, giving 805 Beach Breaks, Inc. and Milkman LLC, the green light. 


“Whoever we were going to give a permit to, we were going to be in business with them so we wanted to make sure they could deliver on what they said,” said John Shoals, Mayor of Grover Beach.


The council previously approved permits for The Natural Healing Center and The Monarch Group. 


We believe that they will be opening up beginning of April or May.  They’re getting their state licenses now and working on completing their building improvements,” said Matt Bronson, Grover Beach City Manager. 


The city’s cannabis ordinance only allows for four retail storefronts and The Hive Laboratory LLC was unanimously approved to operate as the first manufacturer without a storefront in the area. 


“Dispensaries are the ones they get all the attention but when I talk about a growth industry, we are getting applications from people who are doing manufacturing they’re not taking the product but they’re manufacturing, whether it’s the pens or cartridges,” said Mayor Shoals. 


City leaders view the commercial medical cannabis industry as an economic high and say a lot of time and effort was invested to ensure this was done right for the community. 


We certainly think we’re going to benefit from having these businesses here generating revenues that could be used on streets, police and fire and all the basic services,” said Mayor Shoals. 


Grover Beach is really a leader in this space in the Central Coast.  We’ve been at this for almost 2 years and having a lot of public outreach, really crafting our ordinances with care and intention, making sure this is done in a responsible way and we know other cities are watching,” said Bronson. 


On April 2nd, council members will have a policy discussion regarding the permit process tax structure as well as a conversation about recreational adult use.


City officials say the businesses given final approval Monday, will hopefully be operational later this spring. 

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