Santa Barbara Neighborhood Clinics is one of 10 community clinics in the country recently honored with the Innovation in Care Award.

Medical aid supplier Direct Relief, global medical device company BD and  the National Association of Community Health Centers handed out the honors at the 2016 Community Health Institute and EXPO in Chicago, Illinois.

Goleta based Direct Relief is part of the BD Helping Build Healthy Communities™ initiative which highlights the best and brightest innovations to prevent and treat diseases common in vulnerable populations.

A panel of experts chose the winners.

"It just so happened that our very own Santa Barbara Neighborhood Clinics was one of these applicants and we are thrilled to announce they are one of the winners of $100,000," said Direct Relief Communications Director Tony Morain.

Santa Barbara Neighborhood Clinics received the award for its partnership with the Food Bank of Santa Barbara County and the William Sansum Diabetes Center.

The collaborative works to combine healthy eating with diabetes care and identifying people at risk.

"It has a lot to do with finding people where they are and again that idea of creating a healthy community and preventing people from becoming sick as opposed to just treating people when they are sick," Morain said.

Santa Barbara Neighborhood Clinics served more than 18,000 people last year in Southern Santa Barbara.

This year, the hope is to serve 30,000.

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