GOLETA, Calif. -

A week after a fatal pedestrian accident in Goleta, city leaders heard from upset residents who say improvements to a controversial crosswalk are long overdue.

The line up of residents spoke at the public comment period during the afternoon session.

Mayor Roger Acevas did not comment about the crosswalk issues but did urge those at the meeting and the city to help with the healing process.

Last week, 59-year old Shuguang Lui was pushing a stroller with a two-year-old relative when she was hit and killed.  The child was critically injured but survived and is recovering.  The driver of the vehicle involved, and 18-year old, is cooperating with the investigation.

"Safety comes first. It's always the most important thing," said resident Annie Perry who spoke out at a packed meeting.

The city has a traffic improvement plan under review.  It includes flashing beacons and curb extensions.

It's up for a public discussion on December 17th.

"I am absolutely sure she would have had a greater chance of crossing safely if the intersection modifications had been completed," said resident Cathy Oliverio.

Glenn Bjorkman has complained about the intersection, and traffic speeds since the later 1990's.  That was before Goleta was incorporated.  He said county officials did not act on his concerns, and for years, the city has not made any changes to slow cars, and protect pedestrians.

"They just blew us off," said Bjorkman.  "We told them this was going to happen, and here it has."  He says funds for the project have been set aside but work has not occurred.  "It was eight months ago the money was allocated and now that someone has passed away it is on the top of the agenda."

Neighbors in the area say it's urgent that the crosswalk receive some attention.  "So today what we would like is a date, when that will go up. Because any minute there can be another fatality and it can be prevented," said resident Luci Luciano.

"It's scary," said a young boy from the area, Dylan Stave,  who described his efforts to cross the street and the lack of concern he saw from drivers speeding by.