Formerly homeless Lompoc men will spend Thanksgiving in their new home

Two formerly homeless men in Lompoc now have a home

LOMPOC, Calif. - It's a story of hope and friendship. Two men who once had no place to live now have a place to call home.

They are calling it a Thanksgiving miracle. One that Leonard Huyck and Robert Dunn aren’t taking for granted.

"For the first time in years we are waking up on Thanksgiving and can give thanks,” said Leonard Huyck.

For years, the two were homeless in Lompoc.

"I’ve been with Bob and Bob’s been with me,” he added. They've formed a community with each other by looking out for one another.

"I was used to it basically, I was homeless for so long,” said Dunn. 

They now have a new normal, a place the pair can lay their heads down every night.

"I really love the man because he reminds me so much of my grandfather,” said Huyck. 

Dunn is a Korean War veteran. He’s battled diabetes and having a heart attack all while being homeless.

"It feels like a miracle,” he said. 

Dunn was able to secure housing after receiving a voucher from the V.A. Carrie Page worked to help to find him a home.

"There is a major need for veteran housing, people who served our country should never be homeless,” said Page with Americorps. 

Page teamed up with Planting a Seed. It's a non-profit organization in Lompoc that works with the homeless community.

They helped furnish the apartment.

"Just with all the loopholes we have to go through in order to get someone housed this was pretty amazing,” said Shawndel Malcolm, Founder and Director of Planting a Seed.

While the two sometimes still think this is all a dream, it will be the first time in years they have a roof over their heads to celebrate Thanksgiving.

"It’s real and that’s where me and Bob are at. We aren’t just dreaming these beautiful dreams we have at night of being in-doors,” said Huyck.

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