Firefighters prepare for busy fire season

Offer tips on how to prevent wildfires

ORCUTT, Calif. - After a rainy winter, firefighters in Santa Barbara County expect to be busy this summer. 

Santa Barbara County Fire Captain Josh Cazier says he and his crews at fire station 22 in Orcutt are preparing for a busy summer season. 

"95 percent of all wildfires are caused by humans," he says. The public is the first line of defense against them."

Many wildfires that begin near roadways begin with a single spark. Vehicles are full of equipment that can start a fire, so keeping your vehicle properly maintained, and free of any dragging parts, is even more important this time of year. 

Cazier also preaches safe towing. 

"Make sure your chain is tight, that it's not dragging and causing a spark. Even something as simple as parking on grass during fire season can be dangerous. The exhaust from your vehicle can get very hot and cause a grass fire."

While mowing or weeding, be aware of any rocks that could spark from the metal blades, and stay away from mowing dry grass. Any gas powered home equipment should have a spark arrestor. When it comes to your home, keep at least 30 feet around your home clear of dry brush and other potential fire starters. If you live in a high fire hazard area, it is mandatory. 

"That way if a fire does start nearby, it gives your house a fighting chance."




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