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'Mount Joy' Make World Premiere at Film Fest

Indy Film About Indy Rock Group Pulls in Rave Reviews

'Mount Joy' Make World Premiere at Film Fest

"Mount Joy" made it's world premiere at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival. Reviews are calling it one of the must see Independent Films of the Festival. The movie is 86 minutes long and is in competition for one of the festival awards.

Film Festival Synopsis:

The vibrant, carefree indie rock band, The Living Daylights, is a blend of wishful dreamers, a combination of three friends full of passion and energy, ecstatic about their upcoming tour. With the band and their housemates as dysfunctional and loveable as one would hope for, the film appears to be driving towards a lighthearted, safe destination.

But when the group's charismatic tour manager Alex (Katie Hyde) receives a phone call one afternoon, she slips out the door and mysteriously disappears. Alex has been the grounded one, the thread keeping the boys together. She was the lover of the lead singer, Sue, and a sister of the twin brothers in the band, and her sudden abandonment leaves the boys wandering and stagnant, slipping back into old habits in their dead-end small town.

When Alex finally returns, she is uncharacteristically cold. Sue forces his way past the walls Alex builds up, refusing to allow her to leave again without answers or explanations.

With a pulsing indie rock soundtrack, much of which was penned and performed by the actors in the film, MOUNT JOY packs a sonic and emotional punch with its perspective of what it means to sacrifice, cope, and move forward.