Film Festival

Mayor Pays Her Way to Film Festival

No Platnium pass, or special perks

Mayor Pays at SBIFF

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - Santa Barbara Mayor Helene Schneider is showing up at many Santa Barbara International Film Festival events, but you will see no special pass around her neck or any express line when she arrives.

Schneider says she is buying her own tickets to tributes and movies.

The only free access she uses is the opening night movie event where she is a city representative, and on official business.   Everything else is cash out of her own pocket.

"I don't barge in," said Schneider. "I do have Robert Redford tickets, I got them before they sold out. I bought two of those."

She also says waiting in line is not all that bad.

"It's great actually. People say, 'oh you have to wait in line to get into a movie?' I find that's really fun. You're meeting other people, you're asking them what movie they have seen, which ones to go to," said Schneider.

She says she hasn't been offered a Platnium pass, but would not take one if she was.

Schneider says she will be at some of the tribute events, and has a 10-pack of tickets for movies.

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