Fight between teacher and student at Cabrillo High School now under investigation

Video of the fight circulated social media Monday

Student attempting to fight teacher...

VANDENBERG VILLAGE, Calif. - We were able to obtain the video of a student trying to fight a teacher on Cabrillo High School's campus before it was removed off of YouTube.

We blurred the video in order to protect the identities of the students who were there during the fight. 

The video spread quickly on social media. Students and community members who watched it had different reactions. 

"She's wild!" Justin Hart and Eyuna Williams said simultaneously.

"I thought it was funny and surprising that a girl that just came here would try to pick fights with everybody," said Cabrillo High School student Lyric Anderson.

The fight got hundreds of views on YouTube before it was taken down. It's now under investigation by the Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Office and the Lompoc Unified School District.

Lompoc Unified School District Spokesman John Karbula says a fight like this one is very rare.

"The administration and school staff acted appropriately given that this is a very rare and certainly unexpected sort of incident to occur and student safety is always the most important thing to staff," he explained. 

One parent we spoke with however would like to see more security on Cabrillo's campus by possibly using the staff at the air force base.

"Vandenberg Air Force Base is right around the corner - I think they need to start using the resources that they have there to actually benefit the children and the teachers here at these schools where most of these events happen," mom Tress Limoli said. 

But some students say having sheriff's deputies on campus is enough.

"We have Officer Coalie and a few other officers that come on campus every once in a while but they just need to get there quicker," said student Keel Rushoff. 

At this time, it's still unclear what led up to the fight. 

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