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Traffic tests Santa Barbara residents and visitors' Fiesta spirit

Borick: "It was really a struggle..."

Traffic tests Santa Barbara residents...

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - Traffic added some stress, but didn't stand a chance against Santa Barbara's Fiesta spirit. 

“We have a lot of parades in Santa Barbara, but this is the best," said Karen Borick, a Santa Barbara resident. 

Parades bring extra traffic into the area especially if it's a large-scale celebration like the city's long time tradition of Fiesta. 

“It was really a struggle because I got off of Garden and because Castillo is closed. I went around and around," said Borick. 

Those in the parade started their route as usual along the waterfront at Pershing Park. They had to take a different way back because Castillo Street under the freeway is closed for construction. The change in this year's parade route forced horses and floats to mix with cars and drivers on a very cramped Garden Street. 

The change didn't seem to bother many people, especially if they walked to watch the parade. 

“It’s a nightmare to drive anywhere in Santa Barbara during Fiesta so we just decided to get into the stroller and take a little walk," said Sara Bush, a Santa Barbara resident.

Traffic did ease up an hour after the parade ended which made the drive home easier for those who waited. 

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