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Rider recovering after falling off horse at Desfile Historico

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - A horse rider is recovering after falling off his horse near the start of his parade route at El Desfile Historico Friday afternoon.

The heart-stopping moment occurred near the area of Bath Street and Cabrillo Boulevard. The rider was part of a cavalry that was at the tail of the parade.

Witnesses said the horse appeared to have slipped on something and tumbled towards the ground as the rider, a young man dressed as a Presidio Soldado, tumbled along with it.

The horse accidentally stepped on the rider as it was trying to regain its balance.

Some parade-goers ran away in fear as the loose horse began to gallop towards the crowd on the sidelines. Luckily, the horse turned away from the sidewalk and parade officials, with the assistance of the other Presidio Soldados riding in the parade, were able to calm and control the animal.

The fallen rider managed to get off the roadway and onto the sidewalk where off-duty Santa Barbara City firefighters, who happened to be marching in the parade behind the cavalry of Presidio Soldados, rendered medical aid.

The rider was shaken up with a sore knee and other unknown injuries to his abdomen. He was alert and was able to stand up on his own. The rider, unfortunately, was not able to participate in the parade and his horse was taken away from the scene by parade officials.

No further details were immediately known.

The parade continued on until its conclusion.

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