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People prepare to stay cool during fiesta weather

Fiesta 2017 is marked by monsoon...

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - Fiesta is being marked by record temperatures and monsoon moisture.

But people taking part say they know how to beat the heat and still look good.

Kayla Becker is working at the BBQ Heaven booth at El Mercado Del Norte in Mackenzie Park.

She said she uses napkins to blot her skin and powder so her makeup doesn't run off.

But she is not complaining she loves being part of it.

Father Larry Gosselin said you get used the heat when you wear a habit.

He will try to stay cool with more than a dozen other faith leaders on the Old Mission Santa Barbara float.

"Sometime you get an updraft, it kind of feels kind of good, I just except it for what it is," said Fr. Larry.

Native Sons and Daughters of the Golden West have a float, too.

Participants recommend carrying water bottles that are partially full and frozen overnight.

They also recommend hats, and umbrellas spectators can buy are Old Spanish Days Mercados in Santa Barbara. 

Friday's El Desfile Historico is one of the nation's largest equestrian parades

Friesian horses from Visalia are ready to go and have plenty of water on hand.

Their handlers, resting outside the Carriage Museum, said the horses are used to the heat.

Water troughs will be in strategic spots to help horses quench their thirst along the parade route.


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