Fiesta OSD

La Misa de la Presidente celebrates the religious aspect of Fiesta

La Misa de la Presidente

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - The bond between Old Spanish Days and the Santa Barbara Mission is evident in La Misa de la Presidente.  It took place Thursday morning.

The church was filled with parishioners, Old Spanish Days dignitaries and guests.  Many wore their Fiesta outfits.  

La Presidente Rhonda Henderson was at the steps of the mission to greet everyone arriving, then she sat in the front row.

Father Larry Gosselin said seeing the altar decor and the attire of those attending was especially meaningful for the religious history the mission brings to Old Spanish Days.  "That's what brings us the joy," he said. "There is a timelessness, there is a legend to carry on traditions of the people who went before us."

Afterwards there was a courtyard reception with refreshments and fruit for those attending.

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