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Garcia Dance Studio celebrates special Fiesta

Laura Garcia Haas will dance in Old Spanish Days cancer-free

Garcia Dance Studio celebrates special Fiesta

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - Construction of the Fiesta floats is underway, but for one dance team, this year's Fiesta and float are much different than all the rest.

The Garcia Dance Studio of Lompoc, was hard at work Wednesday, to make sure their float is ready for the parade.

"I think it's special because it brings us closer together as dancers, and we get to know more about each other through the ups and downs of dance. Not everything's perfect, but hey, you just have to roll with it and have some fun times," said Laneah Munoz, a Garcia Dance Studio dancer.

One of those downs came when they found out their dance director, Laura Garcia Haas had breast cancer.

"Last year I was dancing on stage while I was fighting breast cancer, and this year I'm clear of it. So it's extra special to me," said Garcia Haas.

During her fight, treatment kept her out of the dance studio and away from her students. That was until she used a little technology to choreograph a dance from her hospital bed.

"We did that for one of our performances, is Stairway to Heaven, and that's the dance we dedicate to everyone with breast cancer," she said.

One of the studio instructors taught the steps to the dancers as Laura was battling cancer.

"Having her come to the studio and show us everything that she taught us as Miss Laura was in the hospital. It was pretty amazing," said Munoz.

Now cancer-free, she's back, and her dancers are ready for Old Spanish Days.

"We work the entire year to get everything perfect, and it's important to me that all our work shows off," said Leslie Morenda, a Garcia Dance Studio dancer.

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