Fiesta OSD

Fiesta-goers spend lots of cash during Old Spanish Days

Fiesta pumps money into local economy

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - Viva La Fiesta! That's what many local businesses, restaurants and hotels are saying, because when Fiesta comes to town so does the money.

"I have a great business during Fiesta.  It's the locals and the tourists alike.  They love to come in here and check it out because we're right downtown on ground zero of the Fiesta happenings," said Alan Howard, owner of Antique Alley in Santa Barbara.

Fiesta also brings swarms of confetti-covered people to downtown Santa Barbara bars as Fiesta partygoers indulge in the nightlife and a few drinks.  "It's crazy, it's good, it's great for business," said Killer B's BBQ and Bar bartender Stephanie Ashjian.

Tens of thousands of families travel from across the world to come celebrate Fiesta with the community of Santa Barbara.  The Trapnell family traveled all the way from the U.K. to partake in Santa Barbara's Old Spanish Days.  They say the experience is definitely worth it, but they are spending lots of green during Fiesta.  Nikki Trapnell said, "Yeah we have been making a big dent in his wallet, a big dent.  We ate out last night here and we're going to eat out again tonight.  It's lovely; we're really enjoying it."

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