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Colorful casarone eggs are being sold by the thousands at Santa Barbara's Fiesta

Year-long planning pays off during Old Spanish Day

Cascarone eggs are being sold by the thousands during Old Spanish Days. (John Palminteri/KEYT photo)

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - Cascarone eggs are piled high at street vendor sites throughout Santa Barbara for Old Spanish Days.

For months, the confetti filled eggs have been a business project for many people especially families.

They are selling for .25 each but some of the more artist eggs can go for up to $1.50.

The eggs are often quickly cracked over the head of friends and confetti goes into their hair, clothing and all over the ground.

Each morning during Old Spanish days crews try to clean the mounds of confetti strewn up and down the street, in planters, and inside businesses.

Henry Mendez sets up as early at 6 a.m. near State and De la Guerra with his family each day during Fiesta.   Along with the basic eggs, he has some that look like Marge Simpson, Minions, and sharks.

One person bought 50 of the (Great White) shark eggs for friends in San Diego.

Many family members say they are helping their parents and grandparents who sell annually.  Viviana Santos says she has been selling since she was three years old.  The sellers collect the egg shells from bakeries and restaurants, after they have been cracked carefully with just a small hole in the top.   The shells are washed, filled with confetti, sealed and painted.

Normally street vending without a permit is not allowed in Santa Barbara. The police department makes an exception for the cascarone sales during Fiesta.

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