International sailors from around the world competed in the Farr 40 West Coast Championship held in Santa Barbara.

"We got 15 boats from around the world. Three from Australia, Italians, Mexicans, three local boats," said Jane Watkins, Santa Barbara Yacht Club racer.

The Regatta will have for four days and in those days the boats will compete in a four leg race, three times a day.
This is all part of the racing series which is leading up to the World Championship that will be held in San Francisco come October. This competition is so big  it's been held in places like Europe, the Caribbean, and also the East Coast. This time around the Farr 40 Club has decided to focus on the West Coast for the next couple of years.

"It's actually very excited just to be able to have it in Santa Barbara this year. It hasn't even been in the West Coast in the past 10 years," said Watkins. "There's a lot of famous sailors that will be here too.

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