Fareed conceeds, tweets support for Carbajal and 24th Congressional District

Race for 24th Congressional District comes to end

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - The race for the 24th Congressional District is now over.

More than two weeks after the election, Republican Justin Fareed tweeted Wednesday night "Based on the current vote count trending, it appears Salud Carbajal will be our new US Representative."


Another tweet stated, "For the good of our community & country, it's important we support him & push him to serve us well in Congress."


Democrat Salud Carbajal is currently a Santa Barbara County Supervisor. Carbajal was largely thought as the winner since the days after the election, but with more than 16-thousand votes that still needed to be counted, Fareed held on, until Wednesday night.

As of the evening of November 23, Salud Carbajal has 53.3% of the vote, with 157,083 votes, and Justin Fareed has 46.7% of the vote with 137,819.

Carbajal will be filling the seat left vacant by retiring Congresswoman Lois Capps.

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