Orcutt family on high alert after hit-and-run driver damages property, flees scene

Running from responsibility

Orcutt family on high alert after hit-and-run driver damages property, flees scene

ORCUTT, Calif. - The Meraz Family says accidents have been a problem in their neighborhood, but Tuesday's hit-and-run took it too far.  The family even tried to take matters into their own hands and chase the suspect down themselves.

Anthony Meraz was in his room when he heard a loud bang.  "Our cars were all demolished," he said.

The driver of a black Toyota Corolla, collided with a limo parked outside his home at the intersection of Dartmouth Lane and East Foster Road.

"Is it safe to park or is it better that the car was parked here so he wasn't running into the house and hurting my family members or my kids," said homeowner, Marcos Meraz.

It's a hit-and-run you have to see to believe.  The driver kept on going, hopping the sidewalk and then hitting a wall.

"It was trapped in between the brick wall and the pole there and he couldn't drive it from there so he took off running on foot," said Marcos Meraz.

Surveillance from a nearby home security camera shows the man running away.

Beryl Winn thinks he cut through her yard.

"The dogs came tearing out and I don't know if they chased him or what," said Winn.

While Winn says she isn't too shaken up, the Meraz family wants the driver to be held accountable.

"He should have stayed here, took care of it manned up to it.  Now I'm stuck here trying to figure out what I'm gonna do," said Marcos Meraz.

"Makes me angry because they hit our cars and took off running without taking the blame for it," said Anthony Meraz.

Anthony got a good look at the suspect, he described him as a 17 or 18-year-old Hispanic male, six feet tall with a slim build.

He was last seen wearing black shorts, a black hat and some sort of black arm brace.

If you have any information, please call 805-593-3333.


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