Families learn about substance abuse in Goleta town hall

Families learn about substance abuse...

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - Starting a conversation with teenagers about the dangers of abusing drugs and drinking alcohol isn’t as easy as it seems for parents.

The Center for Alcoholism and Drug Abuse (CADA) is hosting a town hall meeting at Dos Pueblos High School tonight at 6:30 to help parents and students start that conversation.

Counselors for CADA see and help people with drug or alcohol dependency weekly.

They often see people who had an early start with drugs and alcohol. These town hall meetings are meant to inform teenagers when they are most likely to be exposed to peer pressure so they know it’s okay to say “no” to drugs and alcohol.

There will experts in the field as well as teens on the panel at tonight’s event. CADA hopes to be informative yet engaging to keep the students involved in the topic.

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