Yogis clean up Santa Barbara's East Beach

Xanadu Life hosts yoga and beach clean up

Xanadu Life hosts Coastal Clean Up

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - The Xanadu Life hosted a "Yoga and Beach Clean Up" Sunday morning on East Beach in Santa Barbara.

Yoga was led by Tricia Cook and Madeleine Foster. After yoga, participants were given burlap bags to collect trash.

"We start with a yoga class and we kind of have everyone center and align with each other and then we have an icebreaker which helps build community and build culture around the beach clean up," said Xanadu Life co-founder Ryan Blackstock.

Trash collected was laid out on a tarp and participants circled the trash and discussed the beach clean up.

"Essentially we want to change people's attitudes about pollution and trash and really get people to get involved in their own community and find out how they can help. I feel like there's people that want to help but they don't know how to help and so we educate people here," said Blackstock.

Blackstock says plastic makes up 90 percent of the pollution in the ocean. Trash from Sunday's clean up will be given to an artist to be turned into a wave of trash sculpture.

Xanadu Life's mission is to revolutionize the world's way of living by inspiring wellness, education and green living. Xanadu has hosted beach clean ups up and down the coast. In addition to beach clean ups, Xanadu offers other outdoor activities such as "Camp Xanadu" at the Catalina Island and a sunset cruise.

For more information about Xanadu Life, visit their website.

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