Trail advocacy groups raise money to restore devastated trails in Montecito

Montecito trails closed

MONTECITO, Calif. - Hiking trails in Montecito remain closed following the Thomas Fire and mudslide.

Hot Springs, Cold Springs, Romero and San Ysidro trails are not only inaccessible, they are dangerous.

Mike Tarpey is the President of Santa Barbara Mountain Bike Trail Volunteers (SBMTV) -- a thirty-year-old advocacy group promoting trail restoration.

“The Thomas fire and flood combination has really been a one-two punch," he said. "Total devastation of our trail network.”

On Monday, Tarpey visited the Cold Springs Trail for the first time since the mudslide.

“It's transformed. We are seeing a different canyon that we are used to," Tarpey said. "The material and vegetation have been more or less wiped out.”

SBMTV is raising funds dedicated to trail reconstruction resulting from the fires, floods and other recent wildfires.

The group is partnering with Santa Cruz Bicycles, which donated custom-themed bikes honoring first responders.

Topa Topa Brewing Company will be hosting SBMTV at 3 pm, Sunday, Feb. 18 at their Santa Barbara location in the Funk Zone. Two custom-designed bicycles worth $10,000 apiece, will be on display.

To learn more visit https://backontrail.givingfuel.com/back-on-trail.

So far, about $70,000 has been raised.

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