SLO commits to eco-friendly practices for 'Net Zero Energy Day'

SLO commits to eco-friendly practices...

SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif. - It was once one of the biggest users of energy in San Luis Obispo, now city officials are making changes to places like the city's Swim Center as part of their commitment to climate action.

"Of course we want to save the planet and I do believe we're affecting the planet and we do need to reverse that course," explains Facilities Maintenance Supervisor for the city of San Luis Obispo, Andrew Collins.

Things like new lights and pool covers that help stop evaporation are just some of things they've changed.

"I try to always be a good steward of the tax payer dollars and if we can offer these programs at a lower cost to the taxpayer, then everybody wins," Collins says.

Making some of these changes is expensive however, leaving some projects on the waiting list. "Right now we're putting together a package to find out what some of our highest potentials are to put the focused energy reduction in that area - all the low hanging fruit has pretty much been taken," says Collins.

Costs are no surprise for developer Gary Grossman, he's working on bringing zero net energy homes to San Luis Obispo and at an affordable price for the consumer.

"You could be adding somewhere between $15,000- 25,000 in costs and that is something that's hard for the consumer to bear but we're finding that our consumers are willing to bear it because they want to be part of the solution," Grossman says.

The state of California is mandating all new homes have zero net energy starting in 2020. Grossman says he likes being ahead of the curve, telling us: "In providing the features that are going to be cost effective and beneficial to our environment and to the people who get to live there - I think is on the forefront of most development and city collaborations."

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