San Luis Obispo to "power down" during eclipse

City to conserve energy to cut down on emissions

San Luis Obispo to power down during...

SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif. - The city of San Luis Obispo plans to "power down" during Monday's much-anticipated solar eclipse.

The city plans to conserve energy during the celestial event in an effort to cut down on green house emissions that may be put out while the state loses out on solar energy.

"City council has made climate action a major city goal with an overall effort of reducing green house gas emissions community wide," Marcus Carloni with the city of San Luis Obispo said.   

State officials say the obstructed sun will cause a 5,611 megawatt drop at maximum eclipse. The state will have to compensate for the power loss by using more natural gas power plants.

"The kids are so excited and my dad actually is going up to Oregon to see it," Hannah Johnson of San Luis Obispo said. 

Hannah Johnson won't be joining her dad in Oregon to watch the eclipse because her kids are heading back to school Monday.

"I think they actually get to watch a little bit and I'll just be at home doing mom stuff," Johnson said. 

But there's some "mom" stuff that the city is asking that she doesn't do.

"If they put out a request to unplug things and not do laundry then I'm willing to do so to save energy," Johnson said. 

The city of San Luis Obispo will take the following steps to ease the energy burden during Monday's eclipse:

  • Powering down two pump stations, one in the drinking water system and one in the wastewater collection system while still maintaining capacity to serve the city.
  • Turning off any equipment and lighting that isn't necessary to operations at the water and wastewater treatment facilities.
  • Turning the pool heaters off at its public swim facility
  • Turning thermostats in city facilities up by two degrees.
  • Turning off overhead lighting and using task lighting in City facilities/offices.
  • Asking staff not to charge or use ancillary equipment, such as phone chargers.

Climate Action is currently one of San Luis Obispo's four 'Major City Goals.'

The eclipse will begin just after 9 a.m. with the apex expected at around 10:20 a.m.

The eclipse will take place for about three hours Monday morning, with the sun expected to be obstructed by up to 76 percent in central California.

Residents are also asked to minimize energy consumption during the eclipse.

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