Rock slides and steady rain part of the latest Central Coast weather system

Even light, the rain is beneficial and risky

Rain and rock slides reported during...

SANTA BARBARA COUNTY, Calif. - The latest rain to pass through the area has been an added benefit for the water supply picture.  It is also keeping some of the soil so wet, rocks are rolling and trees are coming down.

In the Santa Ynez Valley Cachuma Lake is at 49 percent and rising.  Gibraltar Dam behind Santa Barbara is still spilling into the Santa Ynez River.

Water is flowing to the front country through the Tecelote tunnel and the Mission tunnel.

Nojoqui Falls near Solvang has spectacular views with the water cascading over a mountain top.  It's also an area with rock slides near the head of the falls.    Warning signs are up on the walkway.

One slide with small rocks came down during a NewsChannel Three interview this afternoon.  No one was hurt.  Everyone nearby moved quickly from the area.

Kathy Heizer was with her family visiting from the Los Angeles area.  They do not live near waterfalls. "We are in the foothills but there's not much water around it,"  she said. When she saw the falls, she said,  "It's beautiful. I am so excited there's water in it."

City water officials say even with the new water supplies, underground wells need to be replenished and some of the water that was negotiated from other areas during the drought needs to be returned. 

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