PG&E gives away drought-tolerant trees for Arbor Day

Reminding people importance of good stewardship

PG&E gives away drought-tolerant...

SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif. - Sliding in buckets of fresh oxygen and a new ecosystem for animals and insects, these drought tolerant trees provided by PG&E and the Arbor Day Foundation will be living a new life at homes on the Central Coast. 

"We're wanting to put more trees and foliage on our property to reduce the cost of some of our energy expenses, create more shade, create more oxygen," says Erin Holmes, one of the people picking up trees. 

"I don't really believe that the drought is over at least not in Atascadero - I know that the lake is filled again but it still just feels like generally speaking we're still a drier climate here," Holmes says. 

And she's not alone. "There's probably some debate going on right now whether or not the drought still exists but I think there's still plenty of reason to save water and conserve water," explains Mark Mesesan, Communications Representative for PG&E. 

These drought tolerant trees not only save water but they also don't grow very high which is important for maintaining the PG&E power lines.

"We had a lot of problems during the storms with high winds and water, creating problems particularly for trees with health difficulties or that they weren't cared for properly," Mesesan says. 

To prevent that happening with these new trees, each person that picked one up got a handout on care tips as well as which trees do best in this area, as part of PG&E's Right Tree Right Place objective.

Colin Celaya, Vegetation Program Manager for PG&E says the Central Coast is the wrong place for trees like Redwoods. 

"People love the novelty of planting a Redwood and often times Costco will have a sale and people will buy them up and they're not acclimated to this area; they're up the coast where there's a lot of moisture and they're definitely the most problematic tree when it comes to planting," he explains. 

If you'd like to learn more tree tips from PG&E, click here.  

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