King tides cause no storm surge or serious impacts to Santa Barbara coast

MONTECITO, Calif. - There wasn't much of an impact from the latest round of King Tides along the Montecito coastline this morning.

The tides have been boosted by the full moon but without an associated storm, there's no significant surge. In the past that has caused heavy erosion, and in some cases, flooding in parking lots and coastal properties.

This month has two full moons.

At Montecito's Butterfly Beach when the tides hit about 9 a.m. the beach in front of the Four Seasons Biltmore had water up to the protective wall. The waves gave it a strong slap and also brought water and sand to the stairways, but no further encroachment was detected.

No other issues along the coast including at Carpinteria Beach or the Santa Barbara Harbor were reported.

In the past, the King Tides along with unstable weather has resulted in the loss of beach land in Goleta where one of the more popular beaches and picnic areas exists.

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