Decommissioning of oil platforms ruin marine life sanctuary

Platform Holly

SANTA BARBARA COUNTY, Calif. - Platform Holly is on its way to being decommissioned, but the removal might destroy the marine life living on it.

Santa Barbara visionary Bob Evans has been an ocean photographer since the 1960's. He says removing the oil platforms would be a huge loss for the abundance of marine life that has evolved there over time.

"I spent a lifetime taking underwater pictures in the California Channel Islands and I have never seen the amount of life that exists on these platforms and it would be a travesty to remove these structures," said Evans. "I am wondering who's going to give the eviction notice to all the little creatures that live on Platform Holly?"

Bob shares the photos he took to show exactly what is living on platform Holly. 

"Platform Holly is scheduled to be decommissioned which means they take the oil platform off the top and then pull up the entire structure that sits in 220 feet of water," said Evans. "Pulling up the structure with all this marine life is going to be an environmental disaster."

Bob suggestion is to remove the upper portion of the platform and leaving the lower half as a marine sanctuary.


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