Creek clearing begins in Goleta prior to winter season

Heavy equipment is digging in

Creek clearing has begun in the Goleta area prior to winter rains (John Palminteri/KEYT photo)

GOLETA, Calif. - Large equipment is being used this week to dig out Goleta creeks prior to the winter season ahead.

The goal is to clear out the largest possible path for runoff water from the hills through neighborhoods and out to Goleta Beach.

A towering crane was in service this morning at Atascadero Creek.

Nearby, was a 25-foot tall pile of silt and dirt from the waterway. Removing it from the creek will prevent obstructions and increase the flow capacity. 

Work will also be taking place nearby on Las Vegas and San Pedro creeks.  

The Santa Barbara County Public Works Department has its flood control team overseeing the work. It is done on an annual basis.

These creeks traverse through populated areas and agricultural land. The precautions will help reduce the risks to lives and property during heavy downpours.

The location at the end of Ward Drive is particularly at risk since it in the final segment of a long creek that takes in the runoff coming through the nearby foothills and surface streets.

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