Central Coast may be impacted by rising ocean levels

New study shows coastal neighborhoods at risk

Central Coast may be impacted by...

OCEANO, Calif. - According to the LA Times, experts are warning that due to the warming of the planet and glaciers melting, some coastal cities could see extreme flooding in some unlikely but extreme scenarios.

Ask the Hunt family why they decided to move to Oceano and they can sum it up in one word: "The beach! We love the beach," said Donna Docouto. 

This Oceano family rents a home about one tenth of a mile from the Oceano Dunes. That close proximity however is worrisome for them as they have concerns about the rising sea levels.

"We really love being so close to the beach. I mean we could throw a rock and probably hit the sand over there but it's not somewhere I'd invest in just because of the rising sea levels," explained Matthew Hunt. 

Scientists say the sea level has risen an average of seven inches in the last 100 years.

While any type of catastrophic damage is expected to be decades away, conservative estimates of higher tides range from an increase of about one to four feet in sea-level rise by the end of the century.

The Hunt family says it's important to start preparing now. "I mean there's way too much scientific proof and so much research out there showing that that's not the case--a lot of these coastal areas are going to be flooded," Docouto said. 

Some of their neighbors however disagree."Ain't nothing you can do--if something happens just like anything else like an earthquake or whatever--if it happens it happens. Just live life and keep on moving," Oceano homeowner Jim Padilla says. 

According to the Real Estate site Zillow, if sea levels were to rise by six feet by the end of the century, nearly 300 cities in the nation would lose their housing.

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