All options on the table to protect Goleta Beach and ecosystem

$950,000 spent so far this year

All options on the table to prevent...

Goleta, Calif. - Santa Barbara County spent close to a million dollars saving Goleta Beach Park off Sandspit Road, from storms this year.

Deputy Parks Director Brian Yanez said some of the emergency permit efforts worked better than others.

In January the county spent $75,000 on a sand berm. In mid-February, the county spent $451,000 on rock revetment to protect the bathroom and the parking lot. Later that month the county spent $424,000 on rock revetment for geotextile and the pier.

The county is still paying off those costs and the Parks Division is seeking an emergency permit extension until September.

During the spring and summer, park staff members plan to study options to protect the beach and the ecosystem.

The county will also look into sharing costs with other entities such as the state and university that both benefit from the park's protection.

Environmentalists with the Surfrider Foundation would rather see natural cobble replace the large rocks and textiles.

All options will be discussed at upcoming workshops.

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