UCSB students donate a meal for the homeless

New program allows them to convert a dining hall meal to a homeless sack lunch

Student School Lunches

UC SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - Some UC Santa Barbara students are skipping a meal in the dining halls to help feed those in need.

It's part of a program two students have launched called "Swipes."

Students who use a special plastic dining card for their meals can now donate a swipe, and their meal will be converted into a sack lunch.  It will be part of a special deliver on March 2nd.

On that day, students will also be working with the dining hall staff to prepare the meals.

"When we were tabling to have people donate a meal, we also had people volunteer," said UC Santa Barbara student and organizer Ali Guthy. "We had over 30 signatures, for that we have a group of volunteers come and assemble the sandwiches and we're gonna drive everyone over to the Casa Esperanza Homeless Shelter in Santa Barbara and deliver the meals ourselves."

The Swipes program is providing food for the Santa Barbara Shelter now, but those involved hope to serve other organizations in the future.

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