UCSB Students Celebrate/Protest Roe vs. Wade Anniversary

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - Cupcakes and crucifixes symbolized both sides of the abortion debate Wednesday on the campus of UC Santa Barbara.

Students for Life held a silent protest next to a lawn dotted with thousands of crosses, made from popsicle sticks. Members said the display represented the more than 3,000 abortions that occur each day in the United States.

"The opposition is more vocal than we are but there is a large number of people that agree with us," said Katie Devlin, Vice President of UCSB's Pro Life Club. "We're trying to grow our club and tell the undecided people out there that both sides are represented on campus."

The group says roughly 25 percent of California's unborn children are aborted each year.

Across the way from the campus bike path off Pardall Road, supporters of Roe v. Wade celebrated the 41st anniversary of the Supreme Court decision. Volunteers with Planned Parenthood handed out cupcakes, condoms and lube.

They claim abortions are on the decline because of access to contraception. "We'll see more with "Obamacare" unfolding," said Gina Fischer, Director of Public Policy and Community Engagement at Planned Parenthood in Santa Barbara. "All women with health insurance have access to birth control and no co-pay, which is a huge advancement for women."

Prior to the historic Supreme Court decision, abortion was already legal in California.

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