Social Media Affecting College Admissions?

Social Media Affecting College Admissions

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - Last year Kaplan University conducted a survey finding more than 30% of admission officers using social media to research potential students.

"What students are doing on their own time shouldn't be a factor in their acceptance. It should be because of our intelligence and what we want to contribute to the academic world," Angela Motter, UCSB student.

This isn't the case for Cal Poly or the UC public system. UC Santa Barbara as well as other UC campuses look at all the criteria like GPA, test scores, and personal statements, but social media is not on the list.

"Our readers here at UC Santa Barbara are told specially do not refer to social media. We don't Google a student. The information that they present in their application is the only information we use in our decision," said Lisa Przekop, UCSB Director of Admissions.

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