SLO High School robotics club working in new classroom following destructive fire

SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif. - A new classroom for robotics students at San Luis Obispo High School is open for them to use.

"From the ashes literally we got this beautiful space,” said Leslie O'Connor, Principal of San Luis Obispo High School. 

It’s a complete 180-degree turn from last December. The new robotics classroom has a newer and much different look.

"The little robots are the ones we are taking to Softec Robot Expo," said Jan Fetcho, the computer science teacher. 

"The community rallied, the school district rallied and we created an amazing space,” said O'Connor. 

A fire last year tore through the school’s computer lab, destroying all of the robotic projects students were working on.

"We are excited and happy to have the space,” said Fetcho. 

Kids are able to work in the new space all thanks to a local bond measure passed in 2014. Meanwhile, district officials work on designs to renovate the burned out classrooms.

"Measure D really gave us the cash to get that done,” said Anthony Palazzo, Director of Facilities, Operations and Transportation for San Luis Coastal Unified School District.

The school’s gym is also getting a new look. Palazoo said it’s the first major renovation since the 1930’s when it was built. The funds come from a special tax on property taxes within the limits of the school district to help renovate its facilities.

"It’s $177 million we have a few other funds we can locally secure so we’ll be at $200 million when it’s said and done,” he said. 

Pictures show what else is in the works for SLO High School--like what the outside of classrooms would like after taking money from Measure D to fix it up.

"It’s all about the kids,” said O'Connor. 

Those kids part of the robotics club now have their safe haven back.

"There is a lot of kids who come to robotics who feel out of place in other places who like to sit and tinker and work on stuff,” said Fetcho.

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