Santa Maria students learn about kindness while fundraising for victims of Hurricane Harvey

Santa Maria students raise money for victims of Hurricane Harvey

SANTA MARIA, Calif. - Students in Santa Maria are helping to give back to people affected by Hurricane Harvey.

It’s a lesson on kindness that kids at Alvin Elementary are learning at an early age.

"With nice people who care about other people even though they have no idea who they are that’s what keeps this world going,” said 6th grader Cayden Villalbos. 

More than 1,000 away water continues turning towns into rivers as Hurricane Harvey forced thousands to evacuate their homes in Texas.

8-year-old 3rd grader Sadie Lopez has cousins there. She says her family hasn’t talked to them in a while because of the poor cell service.

"We are kind of worried about them,” Lopez said. "The flood is getting kind of big.” 

School staff said they want to help out. They figured out a way to get the kids involved by helping them understand what’s going on in Texas. 

"The goal for the fundraising is for us to get enough money for people who lost their homes, food,” said Villalbos. 

Each student is encouraged to get a handful of change and bring it to school. The money will then go directly to the Red Cross.

"This is a perfect opportunity for our kids to help out others, be kind to strangers,” said principal Ann McDaniel. 

She said she wants students to understand the importance of giving back.

"I guarantee people in the county would help us out if we got trapped in the fire that happened here close to us,” said Villalbos. 

As strangers continue to help each other in the affected areas students in Santa Maria are learning about the difference they can make to people they will never meet.

"I think it’s there to help them out and help them get back on their feet to get on their feet,” said Villalbos. 

For the next 10 days students will continue with their fundraising efforts. 

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