Santa Maria High School changes

A parent group outlines its platform for an improved learning community

Santa Maria High School changes

SANTA MARIA, Calif. - A parent group is calling for improvements in the Santa Maria High School learning community. Saturday, the Parents Community Involvement Committee held a news conference to address  concerns and requests of school officials and the district.

Parent organizers say some school officials seem reluctant to even listen to the parents' concerns.

The PCIC says it wants to build an equitable and strong school community. It also says it wants a culturally responsive school and district that is committed to cultural proficiency professional development. It wants to get rid of the student block schedule, which offers three classes per day, and instead requests a school class schedule that provides year round classes of six to eight classes daily.

In addition, organizers say more Advanced Placement course offerings are needed along with certificated counselors that will assist students to maintain four-year plans with graduation and workforce and/or college admission as goals.

School and district officials could not be reached for comment this weekend, but parents say school officials say they will be available on Monday.

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