San Marcos High School welcomes more than 500 incoming freshmen

Classes begin Monday

San Marcos High School welcomes more...

SANTA BARBARA COUNTY, Calif. - Average enrollment numbers are expected at Santa Barbara District's high schools as students head back to school on Monday. However, San Marcos High School experiencing a slight uptick of about 60 students.

According to the school district, 2,162 royal students are expected to start class Monday, but the amount could change. The official enrollment total will not be available for at least another two weeks.

“Summer goes by quickly and so does the school year. We’re excited about the opening school for 2017-18," said Ed Behrens, San Marcos High School principal.

Incoming freshman students were invited to attend "Freshman First Day" at San Marcos High School Friday morning. They were paired up with older students who gave them a tour of the school and connected with them. 

“I feel so great to be a link leader this year because I can tell these group of people are going to do some amazing things," said Brittney Ayala, a high school junior. 

It's a way for incoming ninth graders to learn more about the campus where they'll spend the next four years. 

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