Private school principal comments on Secretary of Education nominee

Principal: "Change is in the air."

Principal comments on Secretary of...

GOLETA, Calif. - Educators in the country are split on President Donald Trump's nominee for Secretary of Education. 

The public sector is afraid federal funding could be taken away and deposited into charter and private schools. 

President Trump's nominee, Betsy DeVos, is a proponent of charter and private schools. 

Critics are afraid DeVos would privatize traditional public school systems. 

NewsChannel 3 reached out to several public education sectors like Santa Barbara Unified School District and Goleta Union School District. Both districts chose not to comment. 

However, the principal at St. Raphael School in Goleta agreed to discuss what changes could be coming to the school system. 

"We're getting a little bit more attention, finally. I do worry about what she's going to do with the funds for the public school sector because kids or families that may not be able to afford private education. If vouchers go through or anything like that, it would, of course, help our school," said Michelle Limb, St. Raphael School principal.

Currently, private schools depend on tuition and donations. If DeVos is appointed, then public school children could get vouchers approved and enroll in private schools. 

Limb says she knows changes are possible. She stresses that her students will remain her top priority no matter what happens.

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