Princeton student and Oxnard High School graduate pays it forward in Indonesia

Hector Betanzos set up gofundme to help kids

Princeton student from Oxnard helps...

OXNARD, Calif. - When Hector Betanzos won a full ride to Princeton University last fall, the university made him an offer to sponsor a community service gap-year in Indonesia.

The Oxnard High School graduate is taking the opportunity to pay it forward in in Yogyakarta Indonesia.

Since September he has been a volunteer at a local non governmental organization called Rumah Impian or the Dream House in English.

Rumah Impian or the Dream House is a non profit that rescues homeless at-risk children living on the streets.

The children are offered shelter, counseling, education, health care, and creative opportunities.

The Dream House also operates a variety of shelters and classrooms for more than 80 children.

Betanzos is supervising a "go fund me"campaign that is raising awareness and money.

The site has raised $1,000 towards a goal $50,000 goal.

"The dream house is more than just an NGO,  we raise, nurture and empower children from all walks of life to become excellent citizens, unfortunately we are in desperate need of funds. That is why we are asking you to donate to our campaign," said Betanzos.

The money will help children find success and navigate society after living on the streets. 

For more information visit.

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