Power restored to Lompoc High School after early morning outage

Unclear if related to Sunday night storm

Power restored to Lompoc High School...

LOMPOC, Calif. - Electricity at Lompoc High School was restored after an early morning outage on Monday.

Officials say the cause of the outage was a faulty underground cable.

Electrical crews from the City of Lompoc began working on the problem just after 6 a.m.

Rolling with the punches, students and staff quickly adapted to a power outage at Lompoc High School that lasted several hours.

"It felt like normal because it was sunny outside. so you couldn't even tell," says LHS Junior, Andrea Melgoza. 

"Instead of what we were doing for that day, we had to do something that we were gonna do another day and save what we did.. Like say they were gonna have powerpoints.. We had to save that for tomorrow," Juana Magdeleno, Senior at LHS. 

The city of Lompoc says a faulty underground cable is to blame for the outage at the school and parts had to be changed in order to get the power back on.

"Our city crews worked closely with the Lompoc Unified School District to make sure the students were safe and well taken care of and the school district actually supplied port-a-potties as well as a generator for the kitchen so the food stayed safe," explains Public Information Officer for the City of Lompoc, Samantha Scroggin. 

The Assistant Superintendent of the Lompoc Unified School District told us over the phone this is something that they plan for so they are always ready when an outage happens.

Students say overall, it was a really smooth day.

"They did a good job handling the situation," Magdeleno says. 

The city of Lompoc is also investigating why the electrical cable failed. They say this could take several days. 

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