New school board member Laura Capps sworn in by her mother Rep. Lois Capps

Laura Capps joins Santa Barbara Unified

New school board member Laura Capps...

SANTA BARBARA, Calif - A lot of people expected Laura Capps to run for her mother Lois Capps and her late father Walter Capps' seat in the House of Representatives, but the former speech writer for Bill Clinton had other ideas.

Capps said her heart was in Santa Barbara where her son, Oscar, is attending kindergarten at same elementary school she went to in Santa Barbara.

The former aide to the late Edward Kennedy decided to run for the Santa Barbara Unified School District Board.

There were three open seats and only three candidates, so the election was cancelled.

Laura Capps, Jackie Reid and Wendy Sims-Moten were sworn in on Tuesday

Capps mother did the honors while her son held her hand and her aunt looked on.

"I'm a product of these public schools where my son is a kindergartner here at Roosevelt, where I went. It means so much. It is full circle for me to be working on behalf of the kids here in Santa Barbara. I'm a Santa Barbara Kid," said Capps.

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