New plan will send more Community College students into the UC system

Pipeline will increase enrollment and diversity

California community college students will have a pipeline to the UC system under a new agreement. (John Palminteri/

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - Getting into a University of California school right from a California Community College might be less stressful under a new agreement.  It provides an automatic transfer if the students meet all the qualifications.

Student Angelo Munoz who was not thinking of going beyond his courses at Santa Barbara City College says, "yeah  yeah  definitely now that I heard about this,  I might think about transferring to a UC after I get my culinary certificate."

SBCC Information Officer Luz Reyes-Martin, says "it is all about increasing access to every student . Now it will be our job to make sure students know about it they are aware of this option and that's exciting work to be doing."

The program was just announced by UC President Janet Napolitano and there would be help at each campus for students who want to make the direct transfer to a UC school.

"I would go to the main office building and ask them how do I do this and where do I go and they would direct me from there," said student Ray Kutcher.

One student says having the pipeline to top tier campuses could be a boost to first and second year students to get a four year degree or more.

"They're more drop out rates at community colleges and so it can be difficult " said student Kenny Galindo who is studying to be involved in the space program and also his other love - music.
"The challenge is good. It kind of drives students more to do well at a community college because there's a lot of people here that can slack off I think."

Campus tours were taking place today as students were talking about their options either going the  two year vocational route or launching forward to a higher education.

Munoz said, "It''s definitely different just to graduate and then the transfer is a different program so it it definitely puts more pressure on transferring."  He called the new plan "amazing."

The program is  still being finalized but it's expected to add an enrollment boost to the UC system of about 15 percent and increase the diversity.

 Many community colleges already have a form of the program in place now.

"Santa Barbara City C
ollege is always in the top five in the number of transfers to a UC  so we are already doing a great job of those pathways for students," said Reyes-Martin.



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