More Community College Classes Thanks to Prop. 30

$210 Million Went to State's Community Colleges

More Community College Classes Thanks to Prop. 30

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - More students are able to get the classes they need at community colleges up and down the coast thanks to Proposition 30.

Roughly $210 million went to California community colleges.

At Santa Barbara City College, 14 percent more English, science and math classes are being offered this year.

Because of the funding increase, more students will be able to graduate with an associates degree or transfer to a four-year college on time.

Proposition 30 was passed by voters last November.

"Proposition 30 gave more funding to community colleges to add back core sections that had been reduced as a consequence of budget reductions over the past five years so it's a great start," said Santa Barbara City College President Lori Gaskin.

Statewide, about 3,300 general education classes have been added to community colleges because of Proposition 30.

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