It's "Sharktober" at Cabrillo High School

Its Sharktober at Cabrillo High School

VANDENBERG VILLAGE, Calif. - People living in the Lompoc and Vandenberg Village area got a free up close tutorial on shark life Wednesday night. 

It was a shark theme at Cabrillo high school - they actually they called it "Sharktober. "There was over 700 people there - we're told that was a record. 

"Just checking out the aquarium.. it's pretty cool," Jose Lopez said, who was visiting the aquarium.  

Jose Lopez thought bringing his kids to the aquarium was pretty cool - but there was something else that was on his mind.

"Wish I was at home watching the Dodgers game.. but I'm here.. for my daughter," Lopez said. 

That's because his daughter is a volunteer for Cabrillo High School's Marine Science aquarium.

"I'm proud to see her graduating from Cabrillo.. and the aquarium thing with her.. it's pretty awesome," Lopez said.  

Lopez also brought some of his younger kids.

Reporter: What are you learning?

"A sea anename lives up to 50 years," Jose's daughter Alizeh Lopez said.  

"Tonight is our October event, the Sharktober open house," Cabrillo Marine Science teacher Greg Eisen said.  

Cabrillo High School Marine Science teacher Greg Eisen says their aquarium has no shortage of marine life, noting the Smooth Hound sharks and others that they've had for about 20 years. 

Eisen also stressed that sharks are sometimes misunderstood - adding that they're important for the ecosystem.

The aquarium does these open houses every month. Next month will be a jellyfish theme night on November 29.   

Admission is free but they do take donations that go towards field trips and student projects.

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