Island to become student research station

Cal State University Channel Islands joins forces with National Park Service

Island to become student research station

VENTURA COUNTY, Calif. - California State University Channel Islands and the National Park Service announced a partnership Friday to create a field research station on Santa Rosa Island.

Santa Rosa Islands is located 40 nautical miles from the Channel Islands National Park visitor center in the Ventura harbor.   The islands is about  53,000 acres in size.

The agreement paves the way for undergraduate study of the Island's landforms and diverse plant and animal species.

The island already has two buildings that can be remodeled for the project.

It will be called The Santa Rosa Island Research Station.

A variety of programs are being planned to promote the study and stewardship of the island's rich natural and cultural resources.

Park Superintendent Russell Galipeau says the station could be ready for study by summer.

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