Cabrillo High School students witness 'deadly' crash

Mock crash is part of 'Every 15 Minutes' program

Every 15 Minutes Program at Cabrillo...

LOMPOC, Calif. - A drunk driving crash leaves some Cabrillo High School students hurt and others dead. It looks real for students but, it's not.

"Is anyone hurt? Yeah, I can see bodies and blood but, no one is moving, please hurry," says a Cabrillo High School student during a mock car crash.

"Are you guys okay in here? Who is hurt? I think I broke my arm," says a California Highway Patrol Officer as he checks on the students part of the accident.

Firefighters, CHP and even a helicopter flew in to help. A student stuck inside of a wrecked car is badly hurt waiting for crews to rescue him.

"It's their peers they are seeing, not random people, so it should be more of an impact," says Anthony Vickery, a student.

This is all part of the annual "Every 15 Minutes" Program. The goal is for the entire school to see first hand how one bad decision could impact the rest of your life.

"It's emotional to think they are really gone and you won't see them again," says Emily Enger, a student.

The event comes on the heels of prom season. Students participating in this mock crash play along as if they are dead and their friends won't ever see them again.

"It's sad, I had to write him a letter as if he was dead and gone, that upset me," says Enger. For Cabrillo High School alum, Jessica Shekell, this accident hits close to home.

"You can't change it, I've gone through it a million times, what if this what is that, you can't take it back," she says. In 2009 she was involved in a drunk driving collision that killed two people. She spent more than 5 years in prison.

"Even though this is staged for everyone else this morning it's very real for me," says Shekell.

Officials are hoping that after students see how dangerous drinking and driving can be they'll think twice about their decisions.

"It's one bad decision that they can make at that time that can affect their lives and the lives of numerous people," says Officer Rick Larson, with the California Highway Patrol.

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