Cabrillo High School principal reportedly placed on administrative leave

Cabrillo High School principal reportedly placed on administrative leave

VANDENBERG VILLAGE, Calif. - Cabrillo High School in Vandenberg Village has a new principal Thursday evening after principal Jeff Wagonseller was reportedly been put on administrative leave.

We spoke with Lompoc Unified School District assistant superintendent John Karbula about the accusations.

Karbula says he could not confirm that the principal has been put on administrative leave because of personnel issues, but he did say that there is an interim principal.

Karbula also confirmed there was an emergency meeting Thursday morning. During that meeting, assistant principal Sue Pettis was named the interim principal.

"We don't really know..the teachers were saying that they don't know what happened but he was put on administrative leave or something..but they wouldn't tell them what was going on," Cabrillo High School student Devon Quackenbush said.

Devon Quackenbush and his buddy Gage Parra say they're just as confused as the teachers about what happened to their principal Jeff Wagonseller. 

"I hope he doesn't get fired," Quackenbush said.

"Yea Wagonseller was a good dude," Cabrillo High School student Gage Parra said. "He was just really nice and the way he would talk to students it just seemed like he really cared and now we don't know what's going on."

Wagonseller has been the principal of Cabrillo High School since the 2014-15 school year.

"I was at the meeting this morning and I feel we have excellent teachers here, they put students first," Karbula said. "The meeting was handled very professionally and they went about their business." John Karbula, the Assistant Superintendent with the Lompoc Unified School District said

Before working for the Lompoc Unified School District, Wagonseller was a coach and educator in Nevada. Back in 2000, Las Vegas media reported that he quit following allegations of sexual misconduct with a former student.

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The Lompoc school district says that background checks are done on all school employees. 

"They (teachers) got right back into classrooms and started doing what they do and that's take care of kids and we appreciate that on their behalf," Karbula said.

"I've known both the Wagonseller's for a long time so this is kind of shocking news tonight," parent Janice Hjelm said. 

Janice Hjelm's daughter graduated from Cabrillo High School two years ago.

"He usually took care of business, he didn't waste any time when you came in and had a concern he addressed it right's kind of blown me away, I didn't know there was any controversy going on at this school currently," Hjelm said.  

We checked in with the Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Office and Lompoc Police Department and they tell us they don't have any investigations going on relating to Wagonseller.

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