Bill Cirone stepping down from education post he has held for 34 years

Longest serving superintendent in the state

Bill Cirone steps down July 1 as Santa Barbara County School Superintendent

SANTA BARBARA COUNTY, Calif - After more than three decades of service, Santa Barbara County Schools Superintendent Bill Cirone is stepping down and heading into retirement.

He has served 34 years and is the longest serving Superintendent of Public Schools in California.  Cirone was elected in 1982 and has won every election he has been in since then winning a four-year term each time.

Cirone's last day is July 1.

Speaking to NewsChannel 3 he says California schools still need resources and money more than ever to handle the students coming through the system.  He says years ago the state was the "gold standard" with smaller class sizes and high testing scores.   

Cirone says however, teachers in the local classrooms are energetic, creative and can get past many challengers to help their students with an education and a career path.  "They look at the challenges and decide 'how do we jump over them?' and do the job we need to do," said Cirone.

 He noted that some students thrive on school and the environment is a highlight for their day if they have issues elsewhere.  Some of the stories are told during an annual scholarship event when those same students announce they are go on to college often with a scholarship.

After he leaves his office, Cirone says he will remain passionate about education and available to work with those who come in if they have needs.  He also plans to remain politically active on issues of deep concern to him in the community.

"I have always been pretty involved politically and I have always understood the importance to recognize that education is non partisan and have run the office that way," said Cirone.


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